Weaving with natural materials

Hoorah! I tried this lesson from one I had read on Pinterest. I wasn’t sure how it would turn out as it was being completed by students a lot younger than the proposed age.

Here are the final results


To begin with, students went outside and chose 3 sticks. We tested the strength of them (to make sure they wouldn’t snap) and also the length. We then went onto painting the sticks but first we discussed masking – using  tape to cover an area of the stick so that when it is painted the area under the tape remains clean and a crisp line is created. They really enjoyed watching the clean cut line when the masking tape was taken off!

Next students constructed their own loom from the 3 sticks by tying the ends with strong string. They found this challenging and a lesson on tying knots would have been beneficial. They then created the warp using yarn and winding it around two sticks.


Students were then asked to think about the colour choices they would make to create the weft when weaving.  When finished with the weaving I tied the looms together to create a collaborative piece.



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