Family Portraits


This term the Prep classes have been learning about families and the easiest way to learn about their families was to create family portraits.



– Black pastel/crayon

– Coloured pencils

– Various coloured food dye

*Before the lesson I had drawn numerous circles on a page that would become the faces of the family members. This is important with the younger children as they tend to draw things very small.

We began the lesson by talking about what a family was and making sure they understood that everyone has a different family and each family member plays a different role.

They then suggested a list of facial features that each person had and I drew a few different versions on the whiteboard, making mention of the fact that families have particular traits that are the same, for example, all of my family all have the same nose. We discussed what the ‘skin colour’ pencil was and really tried to develop their understanding that everyone was different but families have similar features.


Students then chose a page that had the right amount of circles to create a face for each immediate family member. I demonstrated that it was best to draw the members in the foreground and then add the members in the background, making it look as though the figures were overlapping. This was a very difficult concept for the prep students to include, but to my surprise many of them included some overlapping in their pictures.


The lesson was so successful and the feedback from parents was also fantastic! I learnt so much about the children that I usually don’t get the time to ask during our short  50 minute lessons.

Vocabulary used in lesson:

– Family

– Overlap

– Facial Features

– Foreground

– Background


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