Patterns with Foil

Foil Embossing

DSC00682Students were introduced to the art element of line. They studied a few artworks that were predominantly created using line to show: shape, movement and patterns. We discussed abstract artwork and how it can be creative and imaginative.

The students then drew a design onto their page (limit the number of lines they have on the page as it becomes too crowded and ensure they draw lines that reach the end of the page). They then pasted thick string on top of those lines using PVA glue or Super Tac (the thicker the string, the more elevated the design will be).  That was set aside until the following week where they stuck a sheet of foil over the top. To do this we went outside and we used the spray adhesive to glue it down quickly.  Press down in the areas around the string to create an embossed look but be careful that the foil does not tear.

Lastly, they used coloured Sharpies to colour the recessed areas and left the embossed “lines” silver.


Lastly, the students used coloured Sharpies to  fill in the recessed areas in their designs and left the string lines silver to enable them to stand out more.DSC00678


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