Stocking Sculpture

Stocking Sculptures



To begin with, the students were given blocks of Styrofoam in which they drove both ends of a piece of wire into. The Styrofoam that was used had a hard card stuck to one side so that the wires would not poke through. A few of them did poke through if the students were a little more rough in which case a few layers of tape were used to stop if from poking through.

Once the two ends of the wires were securely in place, the students shimmied a stocking over it and the base. It held easily in place but sticky tape could be used to ensure the stocking under the base sat flat. They then bent the wires to create their desired shapes, remembering to stretch it wider to keep the stocking tight.


Next the students looked at the colour wheel that they had recently been studying and chose colours which were near each other and would blend easily (there was some discussion about blending and a demonstration here). They chose their colours and most students did a fantastic job at blending the paints on the stocking (good practise before they try it on paper too).


Once the paints had dried, the students used black markers to draw their patterns which they had designed earlier.



  DSC00125 DSC00096DSC00121


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