Bushland Mosaic

Bushland Mosaic

Our school turned 50 years a few months ago and along with the birthday celebrations, the grade 5 students created a mural for the school entrance.

We had an artist come and support the students in beginning the mural and the grouting but the rest was done during lunchtimes, after school and any planning time I had. It was a huge feat in itself!blog 0

To begin the mammoth project the grade 5’s went out into the bush behind the school and drew pictures of the flora and fauna. They also researched and drew pictures of the animals and wildlife that would have been in the area over the last 50 years to mark the 50th birthday.

From those drawing I created the design and tried to incorporate as many of their drawings as possible. If I were to do this again I would make sure that I told children that anything they drew would have to be bigger than their pinky so that it could be easily made from the tiles.

The image was drawn onto cement sheeting after a parent had very kindly put an aluminium frame around it.

The next step was to use the tile cutters to complete a border and the black outline for all the major flora and fauna in the picture.

Then a different size (usually bigger) was used to fill in the background. It turned out amazing and the children have successfully participated in a whole level art activity they can be proud of!

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