Japanese Lanterns

Laburnum PS  Art Show – Art Around  the World
Japanese Lanterns

To get the children inspired and engaged with the Japanese festival of lanterns we looked through the history and examples on the following website


We talked about elements of art including, line, tone, shape and in particular the space and how it should be filled or create a focal point.

Students were then given a sheet of tracing paper that was 42cm x 20cm (could you wax paper or other semi-opaque paper).

They folded about 1cm in, then the rest into quarters.

Then students drew and coloured their designs onto the lanterns.

Next we (I held the glue gun) glued the wooden flat sticks in each section and to complete the rectangle, stuck the end together.

DSC00201 copy DSC00193 copyDSC00160 copy


DSC00197 copy









I had pre-cut black card with slits 10cm apart so students could push the ends of the sticks through and it would hold it together better. We then glue gunned the black top on with the hole so that a plastic candle light could be inserted for the Art Show.

String was tied so the lanterns could be hung and then the lights went out! It was very exciting for the students to see their lanterns and they could not wait to take them home and use them!DSC00319 copy

DSC00318 copy   DSC00322 copy DSC00384 copy

DSC00323 copy






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