Art Show Whole Level Famous Artworks

Famous Artworks for an Art Show
photo 5blog1Recently for our school’s Biannual Art Show I created these large artworks with face cut-outs that both children and parents enjoyed tremendously.

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To begin I chose a famous artwork that each level studied and completed various art based on the artist.

As a whole level (between 100 – 130 pieces for each board) were created!

There was a lot of preplanning. I printed off a copy of each artwork and created a grid over it (each square 1cm so that it was easier to enlarge the image later)

Next I wrote numbers from 1 to 130 and cut the entire picture up. Th
is helped with the overall effect at the end as the children didn’t get to see the finished product till the Art Show.

I purchased large triple ply boards from Bunnings and ruled up the same sized grid but 10 times larger (ie. each 1cm square was now a 10cm square). In each grid I then wrote the numbers that would match up with the picture I cut up earlier.

I cut up hundreds of squares that were 10cmx10cm that the students then enlarged one of the little squares onto.

It was all glued together. My husband (or if you have a handy man at work) helped to cut the bards down to size, screwed in wood to stabilise the boards and cut the face shapes out.


The following link provides the descriptors that were mounted in front of each artwork for the show to give parents an overview of the artworks. Art Show DocumentDSC00076

I also completed a booklet for parents with all the artworks featured and a quick snippet about the making and history of the artwork.


I will be putting up photos and details of how they were all done over the next few months.

Description of artworks for show

The following descriptions were also attached on the boards with each artwork. Most of the information is just taken from Wikipedia!


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