Mexican Metal Art

 Metal embossing with Grade 4 students - Mexican cultural art lessonMexican Metal Art

DSC00251      DSC00241

The students loved this lesson! They loved working with materials that seemed dangerous and new to them.

The first thing we did was research about Mexican metal work and gained an appreciation of the art form.

We looked at key words such as metals (gold, silver, aluminium) and natural resources.

Then came the fun part!

1. Tape was placed around the edges of the metal to make it safe and students named their work with a permanent marker on the back.

2. Draw your design onto a piece of paper the same size as the metal (Hint: try and use thin paper as it will make it easier in the next step) – think about the lines, textures and patterns.

3. Place the metal then paper on top of a large piece of foam (or something soft) and begin to draw over the lines with the wooden end of a paint brush.

4. Smear black ink over the finished embossing and wipe off any excess ink. Alternatively if you are safe you can spray paint the metal, rub off some areas with steel wool.



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