First day back in the Art room – whole school project

blog post 2

It is always tricky to have a finished piece of work after one lesson that is decent to put up in the main office area!

Here is a quick display that everyone loved and the 3D aspect added greatly to the overall effect of the display.


blog post 3

Students each created a monochromatic self portrait using pencils or pastels. With the help of some grade 5 and 6 students we then quickly created boxes with the same surface area as the pictures but differed the heights to 1cm, 3cm and 5 cm. Before putting the boxes together we glued random pictures onto the center and then taped the boxes together. All the portraits were then laid out onto a large sheet of craft paper and glued down.

Maria Wheelton



    • Sorry it’s taken so long to respond!
      To answer your question: as I wanted to get the display up ASAP I had a few helpers during lunch cut cross shapes (similar to a net but I didn’t bother with the tabs or the base of a cube). I made the helpers create sides that were either 2cm, 4cm or 6 cm long to create the various heights. I then pasted tandom students self portraits to the tops and taped down these boxes before I glued the flat portraits to the backing.


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